Established and incorporated in the UK in 2004 

As parents we wanted our children to have fun, eat well and

understand the importance of having and maintaining a

healthy, active lifestyle.

The idea to set up our own business came about when

our first child started nursery.

As new parents we were passionate about the importance

of a healthy, active lifestyle for children in their Early Years

and for children to be given lots of opportunities to appreciate

and enjoy the benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle.

With this in mind we researched, networked and volunteered

to work across many Early Years settings and schools

to find out what was currently in place and importantly what

help we could potentially offer through the development

of fresh ideas and high quality resources that we believed

would make a difference.

With myself at the time, having over 15 years experience

working within the health promotion portfolio and Dean

having over 20 years experience in the graphic design portfolio

it just became obvious to combine all our passions together.

As a result our company has grown from strength to strength

in developing high quality national resources which provide a

‘creative, active and inclusive’ approach in promoting

happy, healthy, active children via simple techniques

and fun activities that children, families and

staff alike, enthuse to.

We are rightfully proud that we are helping change

the way education supports the health, fitness and emotional

well-being of thousands of children in a wonderfully

educational, fun and simple way.

Awarded National Accreditation

Organisation / Resources / Direct Delivery with supporting Resources

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