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School 'Health Focus Day' Extension Packs

Schools may also choose to buy into our School 'Health Focus Day' Extension Packs which have been produced to enable

teachers and children to build upon the workshops observed and delivered to help further deepen

their understanding of the concepts and subjects covered.

Our school ‘Health Focus Day’ Extension Packs support the implementation of a more ‘active and creative’ curriculum

through its cross-curricular approach to health, fitness and well-being.

Our suggested key objectives can help provide children with opportunities to learn through physical activity

and then to meet the same or related information back in the classroom, 

adding to and enriching their experiences thereby ensuring key messages are learnt for life. 

Contents of our ‘Health Focus Day’ Extension Packs include:

• Copy of the session plans and resources

• Lesson plan and differentiated worksheets as a follow up

• Lesson plan with an active focus to support all workshops

• Lesson plan with differentiated worksheets

• Additional resources giving staff the opportunity to cover any elements

that the children have found more challenging

• Home – school link work to support the session focus

If these are of interest to any school we visit then our dedicated ‘Health Focus Day’ tutor will be more than happy to share our

‘Health Focus Day’ extension packs during a short staff meeting during their visit.

Our ‘Health Focus Day’ extension packs are presented as hard copy and in folders.

(One pack per ‘Health Focus Day’ workshop facilitated)

Our Health Focus Days start from £295.00 + VAT per school of which is dependent on School / National Tutor location.

For further information and a quotation for one of our National Accredited Tutors to come and visit your school please contact:

Heather Holdcroft - Health Focus Day National Coordinator.

Email: heather@healthmatterseducation.co.uk

Mobile: 07825 182 733

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