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LAPA 0-5 Scheme

Newtown, Powys

We are proud to be working in partnership with Sport Powys

to create a Healthier Future for our children

We have recently joined forces with Powys Sports Development Team to deliver an exciting new pilot scheme based in Newtown which has been supported and funded by Sport Wales.

The aim of the project is to Improve the Confidence and Physical Literacy delivery in, leaders and child care workers in 0-5 settings.

It is hoped that this will lead to an increase in the daily physical activity levels in the children they work with as well as improving their Physical Literacy and Fundamental Movement Skills development.

We also recognise the importance of involving the parents and wider communities and so part of the project includes engaging with families in ‘Family Connect Days’ to increase awareness and encourage lifelong participation in healthy lifestyles.

Families are also provided with resources to take home to extend the work of the settings.  

In its first year the project has worked with four settings providing training for over twenty members of staff and has reached in excess of 60 children in the Newtown area.

Participants were asked to rate their knowledge of ‘Physical Literacy’ with some fantastic results being collected:

Participants were also asked to rate their confidence in engaging children in healthy, active lifestyles both before and after their training showing positive results:

As part of our survey participants were also asked the following questions and after collating the data it became evident that the implementation of ‘Busy Feet’ Explorers would be invaluable to each setting

With initial training completed each setting then had 4 follow up mentoring sessions with detailed session plans and supplementary resources provided to work with. One setting leader, following mentoring sessions at her setting said;

“We feel very lucky to be working with your team. We have been using the Busy Feet Resource since the beginning and it’s great to be supported to get the full use of the programme.”

Following the first phase further funding has been secured to build on the initial success and the second phase is now underway.

This second phase will also be targeted on the Newtown area and will reach an even wider audience.

It will provide settings with training on delivering ‘Busy Feet’ Explorers exciting new series of ‘Active Stories’, which will support Physical Literacy and Fundamental Movement Skills, as well as children’s Language Development.

The settings will then benefit from follow up tailored mentoring sessions and will receive a wealth of resources to support them in their delivery.

The second phase will also see our ‘Family Connect’ Days / Resources growing and building, offering wrap around support to the wider communities. 

We are extremely excited at being involved in developing both Phase 1 and Phase 2 and hope that these will provide blueprints for our future work within settings as they will support the arrival of the new National Curriculum with its Health and Well-being focus.

Should you require further information about this initiative or it is something you may be interested in adopting to support your ‘Busy Feet’ Explorers initial training then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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